Calories in Candies

Calories in Candies

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Calories in Candies

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Candies Calories and Macronutrients

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Total Fat
Sat. Fat
Candies, ALMOND JOY BITES18 pieces218232.213.88.2
Candies, 5TH AVENUE Candy Bar27035.14.913.43.7
Candies, ALMOND JOY Candy Bar23529.2213.28.6
Candies, butterscotch11125.600.90.6
Candies, CARAMELLO Candy Bar16222.
Candies, caramels27154.
Candies, caramels, chocolate-flavor roll15535.
Candies, carob153162.38.98.2
Candies, chocolate covered, caramel with nuts1 piece668.
Candies, chocolate covered, dietetic or low calorie100 grams57542.512.639.421.9
Candies, confectioners coating, butterscotch916114.13.749.441
Candies, confectioners coating, peanut butter8907930.750.122
Candies, confectioners coating, yogurt1 cup, chips887108.71045.941
Candies, dark chocolate coated coffee beans1 serving, 28 pieces216243126
Candies, E.J. BRACHS, BRACHS STAR BRITES Peppermint Mints3 pieces5914.7000
Candies, fondant, prepared-from-recipe100 grams37493.4000
Candies, fudge, chocolate marshmallow, with nuts, prepared-by-recipe100 grams47267.13.221.110
Candies, fudge, chocolate, prepared-from-recipe1 piece70130.41.81
Candies, fudge, chocolate, with nuts, prepared-from-recipe100 grams461684.418.96
Candies, fudge, vanilla with nuts100 grams43574.7313.73.3
Candies, fudge, vanilla, prepared-from-recipe100 grams38482.
Candies, gum drops, dietetic or low calorie (sorbitol)295160.200.40.1
Candies, gumdrops, starch jelly pieces721180000
Candies, halavah, plain100 grams46960.512.521.54.1
Candies, hard11227.800.10
Candies, hard, dietetic or low calorie (sorbitol)1 piece112.8000
Candies, HEATH BITES15 pieces20724.71.511.86.1
Candies, HERSHEYS GOLDEN ALMOND SOLITAIRES13 pieces23419.24.915.26.2
Candies, HERSHEYS MILK CHOCOLATE WITH ALMOND BITES17 pieces21519.93.813.96.8
Candies, HERSHEYS POT OF GOLD Almond Bar1 bar, 2.8 oz45036103013
Candies, HERSHEY, Crispy Rice Snacks Peanut Butter100 grams443716.515.95.3
Candies, HERSHEY, KIT KAT BIG KAT Bar286353.415.39.9
Candies, HERSHEY, REESESTICKS crispy wafers, peanut butter, milk chocolate1 serving, 1.5 oz21923.3413.25.5
Candies, jellybeans4110.3000
Candies, KIT KAT BITES15 pieces19925.22.510.36.7
Candies, KIT KAT Wafer Bar21827.12.710.97.5
Candies, KRACKEL Chocolate Bar21026.22.710.96.5
Candies, MandM MARS, MandMS Almond Chocolate Candies1026118.
Candies, MandM MARS, MandMs Milk Chocolate Candies1023148.194427.2
Candies, MandM MARS, MandMs Mini Milk Chocolate Candies30140.52.914.18.7
Candies, MandM MARS, MandMS Peanut Butter Chocolate Candies1041123.819.951.817.8
Candies, MandM MARS, MandMs Peanut Chocolate Candies877102.816.144.617.6
Candies, MandM MARS, 3 MUSKETEERS Bar9617.70.731.5
Candies, MandM MARS, MARS Almond Bar1 bar23431.
Candies, MandM MARS, MARS MILKY WAY Bar9716.513.71.8
Candies, MandM MARS, MILKY WAY Dark Bar22436.
Candies, MandM MARS, SKITTLES Original Bite Size Candies830185.80.491.8
Candies, MandM MARS, SNICKERS Bar26636.
Candies, MandM MARS, STARBURST Fruit Chews16635.
Candies, MandM MARS, TWIX Caramel Cookie Bars28437.42.613.95.1
Candies, MandM MARS, TWIX chocolate fudge cookie bars100 grams550567.333.35
Candies, MandM MARS, TWIX Peanut Butter Cookie Bars28628.45.517.46.2
Candies, marshmallows15940.70.90.10
Candies, milk chocolate15216.82.28.44
Candies, milk chocolate coated coffee beans100 grams51362.47.426.112.5
Candies, milk chocolate coated peanuts77373.619.549.921.8
Candies, milk chocolate coated raisins702122.97.426.615.8
Candies, milk chocolate, with almonds21621.83.714.17
Candies, milk chocolate, with rice cereal19825.42.510.66.4
Candies, MOUNDS Candy Bar9211.
Candies, MR. GOODBAR Chocolate Bar26426.6516.36.9
Candies, NESTLE, 100 GRAND Bar19230.71.28.15
Candies, NESTLE, AFTER EIGHT Mints296.
Candies, NESTLE, BABY RUTH Bar97131.55.32.6
Candies, NESTLE, BIT-O-HONEY Candy Chews6 pieces16032.40.832
Candies, NESTLE, BUTTERFINGER Bar828126.
Candies, NESTLE, CHUNKY Bar173203.210.28.1
Candies, NESTLE, CRUNCH Bar and Dessert Topping20926.12.410.56.1
Candies, NESTLE, DEMETS TURTLES Candy82598.610.947.318.4
Candies, NESTLE, GOOBERS Chocolate Covered Peanuts200195.313.14.8
Candies, NESTLE, OH HENRY! Bar1 bar12017261.7
Candies, NESTLE, RAISINETS Chocolate Covered Raisins185322.17.23.3
Candies, nougat, with almonds1 piece5612.
Candies, peanut bar14813.
Candies, peanut brittle, prepared-from-recipe100 grams48671.27.6194.1
Candies, REESES BITES16 pieces20321.54.411.67
Candies, REESES CRUNCHY COOKIE CUPS8610.11.44.82
Candies, REESEs Fast Break, milk chocolate, peanut butter, soft nougats, candy bar1 serving27735.85134.5
Candies, REESES NUTRAGEOUS Candy Bar28128.
Candies, REESES Peanut Butter Cups363.
Candies, REESES PIECES Candy23428.15.911.67.7
Candies, REESES, FAST BREAK, milk chocolate peanut butter and soft nougats2 oz, bar26534.54.813.14.6
Candies, ROLO Caramels in Milk Chocolate22832.62.4107
Candies, semisweet chocolate8051067.150.429.8
Candies, semisweet chocolate, made with butter811107.87.150.529.8
Candies, sesame crunch14714.
Candies, SKOR Toffee Bar1 bar, 1.4 oz20924.
Candies, soft fruit and nut squares100 grams39073.
Candies, SPECIAL DARK Chocolate Bar21824.42.313.30
Candies, sugar-coated almonds1 piece172.
Candies, sweet chocolate14316.
Candies, sweet chocolate coated fondant15734.50.942.3
Candies, SWEET ESCAPES Triple Chocolate Wafer Bars1 bar8213.
Candies, SYMPHONY Milk Chocolate Bar22324.43.612.87.7
Candies, TOOTSIE ROLL, chocolate-flavor roll15535.
Candies, TWIZZLERS CHERRY BITES18 pieces13531.
Candies, TWIZZLERS NIBS CHERRY BITS27 pieces13931.
Candies, TWIZZLERS Strawberry Twists Candy24956.61.81.60
Candies, WHATCHAMACALLIT Candy Bar1 bar, 1.7 oz23730.43.911.48.2
Candies, white chocolate916100.71054.633
Candies, WILLY WONKAS EVERLASTING GOBSTOPPERS Jawbreakers6 pieces5914.8000
Candies, YORK BITES15 pieces15431.
Candies, YORK Peppermint Pattie1 patty, 1.5 oz16334.40.931.8

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